The configuration of an intelligent search algorithm can be extremely complicated. Pipelines break down this problem into smaller pieces that can be easily mixed, matched, and combined to create an incredibly powerful search experience.

What are pipelines?

Pipelines are easily configurable YAML-based scripts that define a series of steps that are executed sequentially when indexing a record (record pipeline) or performing a query (query pipeline).

Indexing as well as relevance and ranking in Search.io are powered by pipelines. Although the most commonly used features are exposed via the UI settings, editing pipelines directly gives you access to more powerful and flexible capabilities.

Benefits of pipelines

There are several advantages to pipelines versus the approach most other search engines take today:

  1. Each component does one thing, so they are easy to understand.

  2. The state is passed from step to step, so it’s easy to build highly complex workflows.

  3. Each step can be turned on/off using conditional expressions. For example, personalization can dynamically boost results based on information in user profiles.

  4. The highly complex engine query requests are constructed for you at runtime.

  5. They can be versioned, AB tested and much more.

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