Setting up a collection

This guide takes you through the setup of a new collection.

Create your account

Head over to and sign up. If you already have an account, sign in with your existing account.

Create a new collection

Collections store the records that you want to search through.

They also contain the configuration associated with your data including pipelines, rules, synonyms, authorized domains, and analytics. Each collection has an associated schema that designates field names, field types, and whether a field's data is indexed for text search.

Click the Get started button in the 'Use the API' tile to create your collection.

Choosing a data set

After entering a name for your collection, you can either upload your own data or select one of our 2 demo datasets to test drive

If you are using one of the demo data sets, you are done and can move on to Tuning your search.

If you are using your own data, you'll need to set up your schema next.

Setting up your schema

Although will do it’s best to automatically detect the schema and identify field types, lists, and unique fields, it’s important that you verify that the fields are correct. If the fields don’t match the structure of the records you are uploading, the records will be rejected.

Please review suggested schema and confirm that the type and attributes are correct.

Select searchable fields and train query suggestions

Select which fields you want to use for searching, and rank them in order of priority. The order will determine the weight assigned to each of those fields for the initial configuration of the search algorithm.

Query suggestions are typically a subset of the searchable fields and will be used to train the suggestions makes when users type a search query into the search box. Common fields here titles, product names, companies, brands, or categories.

Congratulations 🎉 You’ve completed the initial setup!

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