Promotion banners

This guide will help you integrate promotion banners in your customer built Search UI.
Banners are images that can be positioned in your search results and link to a URL.
Preview of a banner in promotion rules
Banner information is sent as part of the regular search response and does not require any additional API calls.
If a category page or search query features a banner, the regular query collection API call returns an array of banners with the following attributes.
"banners": [
"description": "string",
"height": 0, // number of vertical grid cells the banner should occupy
"width": 0, // number of horizontal grid cells the banner should occupy
"id": "string",
"image_url": "string", // the url to the banner image
"position": 0, // the position at which to inject the banner
"target_url": "string",
"text_color": "string",
"title": "string"
Use the above details to render the banner in the correct position in your custom UI.