Search UI integration

When you are done designing your Search UI, it's time to integrate it into your website.

The Search UI Designer will, based on your configuration, creates a custom that can be embedded in your website.

Installation instructions

Integrating the widget only takes a few easy steps. However, it but does require you to copy code snippets into the template of your site. If you are not comfortable editing the HTML of your site directly, we recommend seeking help from a developer.

To get started,

  • Click on the Install button in the Search Designer configuration sidebar.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions guiding you through the installation process.

Need help? Contact and we can guide you through the installation process.

Advanced configuration

More advanced configuration options are documented in the Search UI widgets reference. Examples of what is possible with the widgets are:

  • Specifying the pipeline to use.

  • Passing in custom variables with the search query.

  • Adding custom class names to UI components.

  • Specifying default filters that apply in certain section of your site.

  • Customizing the placeholder text in the search box (default is 'Search').

  • ... and many more.

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