Promotion rules
Manually promote individual results or automatically order results by date, price or other attributes.
The primary goal of Search is to show the most relevant content or products to your customers. However, you might want to promote specific results without changing the underlying search configuration.
Promotion Rules let you adjust what results will show for specific searches or category pages. Promote results through manual curation, or automate the promotion by boosting results based on popularity, sales, margins, or other business metrics.
By promoting results, you can:
  • Surface important content
  • Highlight products from specific brands
  • Promote new products
  • Reduce inventory
  • Increase margins
  • Improve your conversion rate


Promotion Rules sit on top of the baseline search rules defined via the Search settings. Promotion Rules are more targeted and aim to optimize individual search queries or category pages.

Manual curation

Manual curation gives you complete control over how your results appear for specific searches or category pages. For example, to features Apple's Airpods at the top of the search results when customers search for "headphones," drag and drop the product to the first position.

Automated Boosting

With thousands of pages or products, it's not always feasible (nor fun) to manually curate the entire result set. That's why Promotion Rules allow for mixing manually curated results with automated boost rules. Thus, Promotion Rules empower you to curate the top results while optimizing your conversions, margins, or whichever metrics you are looking to drive for your business.
Last modified 1mo ago