Draw attention to specific promotions, pages, categories or items by adding banners to your category pages or search results.

Banners are images that can be positioned in your search results and link to a URL.

Adding a banner

Banners are only available in the grid view.

To get started, click the Add banner link in the top right of the header bar.

  1. Upload a banner image.

  2. Specify the target URL where users will be directed to when clicking the banner_._

  3. Specify the size of the banner. The size is determined by the number of cells the banner should take up in the grid result view.

  4. Specify the position of the banner. Ensure the banner doesn't exceed the width of the grid.

  5. Done 🎉

Optionally, you can add custom text to the banner for accessibility and better SEO.

Note that the size of the banner depends on the size of the search result cells on your website and might differ from what is shown in the preview. Make sure you test out the best banner size for your site or store.

Integrating banners in your Search UI

If you are using's Search UI Widgets or React SDK, banners will automatically work. No additional integration required.

If you have built a custom UI, you can access the banner information in the search response and integrate it into your search results. For more details, take a look at the integration guide for banners.

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