Relevance tuning

The configuration of an intelligent search algorithm can be extremely complicated. So, we re-imagined how you can build search by creating pipelines. Pipelines break down search configuration into smaller pieces that can be easily mixed, matched, and combined to create an incredibly powerful search experience. Pipelines are highly composable and extendable.

There are two kinds of pipelines to consider: Record pipelines and Query pipelines. automatically generates initial pipelines for you that you can modify or append later on via our built-in pipeline editor. When you first set up, the auto-detecting onboarding flow allows you to:

  1. Mark which fields are most important in ranking

  2. Select how to train autocomplete and spelling

  3. Generate a schema and initial pipelines

But there is much more you can do with pipelines.

In the admin console, look for the Search Settings section; in particular, Relevance and Indexing:

For more information on tuning relevance and ranking, head over to our Search settings docs.

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