Redirect specific search queries to designated landing pages. For example, instead of showing regular search results for "shoes", redirect people to a curated "Shoes" category page.

Redirects don't require a pipeline step to operate. They automatically take effect in autocomplete pipelines.


This feature requires the following versions of the search widget or frontend libraries:

Please read the upgrade instructions for details.

Setting up a redirect

Redirect for specific search terms

To add a redirect, navigate to Redirects and click the Add redirect button.

Specify a trigger for your redirect using's filter expressions. Specific search terms are the most commonly used trigger. For example, in the screenshot above, we check whether the search query q includes any of the words shoes, boots, or heels. Instead of showing search results, we will redirect the user to a category page with the URL

Redirect based on custom properties

In addition to redirecting specific queries, you can also check for variables passed into the search query. Variables enable you to personalize when to trigger a redirect.

Only available in advanced mode

Since doesn't know what variables might be passed into the query ahead of time, you will have to edit the condition in advanced mode. To enter advanced mode, click on the filter icon and refer to the Filter expressions documentation for syntax details.

For example, to create a redirect based on location:

q ~ 'tv' AND country = 'Australia'

or club membership:

q ~ 'tv' AND clubMember = 'TRUE'

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