Roles & permissions

Learn how to control access to different parts of the platform with roles & permissions. supports five user roles, granting access to different capabilities in Starting with account owners and administrators, who are able to manage all account and collection settings, to viewers who only have the ability to view settings and reports.


The owner role is assigned to the member who created the account. To transfer ownership of an account, please contact support.


Admins have the same level of access as the account owner and can view API keys, change plans and edit billing details. An Admin cannot delete an Owner.


Engineers can manage Collections, Domains, Schema, Rules, Promotions, Synonyms, Relevance and Indexing. An Engineer can also view Analytics, Team Members, Credentials (API Key). Engineers can not change plans or edit billing details.


Editors can manage Synonyms, Rules, and Promotions. An Editor can also view Analytics, Team Members, Collections, Schema, Sites. Editors can not add additional domains and don't have access to Credentials (API Key).


Viewers can only view data and settings. This user cannot manage settings.

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