Content issues

Good search results are as much about the having good content as they are about the search technology itself. It's important to identify queries that are not performing well and ensure that the right content is available. The reports in this section will help you to do exactly that.

Ineffective Searches

This section shows queries that have a low click-through rate (CTR).

You might get suggestions for possible content improvements from looking at queries in this section.

For example, let's say the query "delivery" has a low CTR for your e-commerce website. In that case the query will be listed under ineffective searches. What this means is that users don't find useful results when searching for "delivery". You have a couple of options in that case:

  • Create additional content to provide more information about your delivery options.

  • Create a to also include results for 'shipping' when users search for 'delivery'.

Zero Results

Searches without any results are shown in the "zero results" table. You should pay close attention to the terms in this list. They highlight potential gaps and tell you exactly what people aren't able to find. Reducing the number of searches with zero results will increase click-through rate and customer satisfaction. It's invaluable feedback!

Documentation site

Zero result searches are a great tool to identify gaps in the documentation. Let's say a user wants to know how to change the "invoice address" on their account, but the search yields zero results.

Let's look at at few reasons and how to fix them:

  • It hasn't been documented. Great, you identified a gap. Create a page outlining how to change the address.

  • Your user uses a different terminology. Sometimes your users simply don't speak the same language, or at least use the same words. Maybe you use the term "Billing" instead of "Invoice" in your product. This can easily be fixed by setting up Synonyms.


In the context of an e-commerce site, zero result searches highlight customer interest that aren't met or potential problems with categorisation or naming.

For example, you find that an increasing number of customers are searching for a particular shoe brand that you don't offer in your sneaker store. The number of zero result searches can give you an indication of whether it might be worth expanding your inventory.

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