You can set up synonyms via the Console. When your user searches for a word, the results for its synonyms are also added to the result set.

For example, if you own a travel website and want to display search results for 'New York City' when a customer searches for ‘NYC’, then add a synonym.

Adding Synonyms

  • Select Synonyms from the left menu

  • Click 'Create Synonym'.

  • Enter the term you expect people to search for

  • Enter the term that you also want to display results for when people search for the above term

  • Define whether you want to give equal, more, or less importance to the original term or the synonym.

One directional

Synonyms work in one direction (also referred to as uni-directional). This means that in the example above, searching for 'NYC' will display results for 'New York City' as well. However, searching for 'New York City' will not display results for 'NYC' unless you set up an additional synonym.

One to one

Synonyms are a one to one mechanism, so a search for 'cot' would require the creation of a synonym for 'bassinet' and a second synonym created for 'crib'

Ranking importance for synonyms

The synonym rule allows you to specify if you want to give synonym more importance than the original word when ranking search results. For example, assume the webpages of your site that contain the word 'New York City' are more important than the pages that only contains the word ‘NYC’. When creating a synonym, choose "More" option from the dropdown to make results for 'New York City' more important than results for ‘NYC’. It will then rank the pages that include the word 'New York City' higher for results where the scores were equal.

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